Staking 2.0 Contracts are Live

Users who previously staked SLICE should migrate their stake from the old contracts into the new staking contracts. We’ve developed a tool that allows users to claim rewards, withdraw stake, and deposit into the new staking pools easily.

The new SLICE Staking contracts are now live! Migrate your old staked SLICE tokens to the new time-locked staking pools.

The Tranche community voted and approved the new time-based staking pools via Tranche Improvement Proposal #2 (TRIP-2). The core team developed, implemented and deployed the contracts, and gave an overview of functionalities during the Tranche Community Town Hall #2.

As part of…

Understanding how SLICE rewards are distributed

Understanding Tranche Tokenomics

In decentralized protocols, tokens are used to incentivize behavior. In Bitcoin, miners maintain the network, facilitate transactions, and are rewarded BTC for doing so. On Compound, borrowers and lenders are incentivized with COMP based on the utilization of each market. Similarly, Tranche incentivizes users with SLICE tokens, with the ultimate objective of maintaining the solvency of the individual tranches and the protocol as a whole.

SLICE Distribution Objective

Outside SLICE staking which incentivizes holders to lock-up SLICE and provide liquidity on Uniswap, the platform distributes SLICE to Tranche holders across markets. …

Building-out the Tranche Protocol

May was a busy month for Tranche. In addition to launching on Mainnet with the Compound integration, we’ve deployed the AAVE Polygon integration test-net. Also in May, we announced our second Tranche Improvement Proposal (TRIP-002). The vote is ongoing and users are voting on whether or not to add additional SLICE staking pools with different lock-up periods. Finally, our community continues to expand, with very promising growth.

Manage your risk or maximize your yield by depositing DAI or USDC into the different tranches on the platform.

We’re excited to announce that the Tranche Finance contracts have been successfully deployed on the Ethereum-mainnet. You can check out all the contracts in this repository.

The Tranche Ecosystem

The Tranche ecosystem is made up of three main modules: Tranche, Stake, and Governance. While Stake and Governance have already gone underway through the initial incentives program and the protocols first successful proposal, the Tranche app is finally deployed on mainnet and ready for user deposits.

  • Tranche is an app that integrates with other DeFi protocols such as Compound and Aave, slicing yield-generating assets into two assets: a fixed-rate asset and a variable-rate asset…

The Tranche team brings you a quick rundown on what we have achieved in April.

We are off to a good start this second quarter, which will be paving the momentum for bigger things to come in 2021. We have covered all fronts to ensure that our efforts will lead to more substantial growth for the Tranche community.

We have always thought that an awesome and collaborative community is what brings a great project to more investors and even mainstream audiences.

Without further ado, here’s our monthly rundown for April:

1) Tranche Testnet is Launched

We’ve recently launched the Tranche protocol on the Kovan testnet and have received an overwhelming yet constructive feedback that will…

SLICE holders can now use their tokens to submit their Tranche Improvement Proposals

Good day, Tranchenauts!

We’re pleased to announce that our first Tranche Improvement Proposal or TRIP is now ongoing. SLICE holders can now submit their improvement proposals or vote on other improvement proposals. TRIPs can cover ecosystem incentives, rewards of the staking module, and even managing Tranche treasury among others.

So how can you submit a TRIP? You need to hold a minimum of 10,000 SLICE tokens. As with any improvement proposal, it should come in actionable form which needs to have a clear and specific initiative to improve an aspect of the Tranche platform. …

The Tranche app is now live on the Kovan Testnet! Head over to the app to start testing, and submit your feedback after to receive SLICE rewards.

After weeks of optimizing the economics and the smart contracts behind platform, we are excited to share our first version of the Tranche protocol on the Kovan testnet with the community. We want to collect as much feedback before we go to mainnet to ensure a successful launch.

Tranche is a decentralized protocol for managing risk. The protocol integrates with any interest accrual token, such as Compound’s cTokens and AAVE’s aTokens, to create two new interest-bearing instruments, one with a fixed-rate, Tranche A, and one with a variable rate, Tranche B.

The protocol is currently integrated with Compound and charges…

The Tranche protocol’s staking module is live! Head over to the Tranche app and start staking your SLICE or SLICE-LP tokens to support the ecosystem and earn rewards.

Starting today, March 20th, anyone will be able to deposit their SLICE and SLICE-LP tokens to claim staking rewards. The first epoch will begin on March 20, 2021 2:00:10 PM (UTC+04:00) and reward distribution will happen on a weekly epoch basis. For each asset, there will be a unique staking pool with varying rewards (Variable APY). The return on staked tokens will be dependent on:

1- The amount of individual staked tokens

2- The amount of total staked tokens in the pool

3- The time that tokens remain locked in the pool

To participate, you would simply need to deposit…

A guide on how to supply SLICE on Uniswap to mint Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens that reward suppliers with trading transaction fees.

Please refer to the Uniswap docs for more detailed information on what Liquidty Provider (LP) tokens are.

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange and automated liquidity protocol that allows the peer-to-peer exchange of tokens and liquidity provision to the trading pools. Tranche Finance currently has two active pools SLICE-ETH- and SLICE-DAI that you can start providing liquidity to and earning rewards from.

After supplying to SLICE Uniswap pools, you will get LP tokens representing your share in the pool. …

The Tranche Finance, $SLICE token, has been deployed and delivered to the community and will soon be ready to be used in the Tranche protocol.

The $JNT->$SLICE conversion is complete, to view your tokens in your ETH wallet, please add the following contract address as a custom token: Tranche Finance (SLICE): 0x0aee8703d34dd9ae107386d3eff22ae75dd616d1* For adding a custom token on MetaMask please follow this tutorial.

Tranche is a decentralized protocol for managing risk that allows you to invest in leading DeFi protocols at your preferred risk level. For any yield-generating asset in the DeFi realm, Tranche could deploy two assets: Tranche A, fixed-rate tokens, and Tranche B variable-rate tokens.

Tranche Finance

Tranche is a decentralized finance protocol that allows users to create different risk profiles from DeFi cash-flow.

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