Providing SLICE Liquidity on Uniswap

A guide on how to supply SLICE on Uniswap to mint Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens that reward suppliers with trading transaction fees.

Please refer to the Uniswap docs for more detailed information on what Liquidty Provider (LP) tokens are.

How-To Provide Liquidity

To provide liquidity, you need to have equal values of SLICE and ETH or DAI. For example, if you have 100 SLICE and SLICE is at $2, you should have 200 DAI to provide liquidity for the SLICE/DAI pair.

1- Buy some SLICE — If you already have SLICE, you can skip this step.

2- Go to the pool section on Uniswap.

Adding liquidity to any pair on Uniswap is simple

3- Press on “Add Liquidity”, and then “Approve SLICE”, and sign the wallet transaction

Approving SLICE spend

4- Once the Supply button is active, you can enter the amount you’re willing to supply, and then confirm the transaction.

Review the amount you’re supplying
Confirming the transaction

5- Confirm your position in the SLICE pool by either:

  • Checking on the Uniswap interface:
The box below shows your position
The OUT transaction represents supplying the pool, the IN transaction represents receiving LP tokens
Sneak peak for the upcoming staking module!

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